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Irish Terrier Breeders' Association
Austrian Kennel Club
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His name of the kind is alluding to its country of origin, Ireland clearly. It is true both of the Irish men and the Irish terriers that they are red colored and they've got blazing temperamental! In its home people calling it Dare Devil the harum-scarum very often.

Thomas_Blinks_festmnyer_terrier_1880The Kennel Club registered the Irish terrier at the end of the XIXth. century. To the end of the 1800 within the the breed the colour was not uniform, the uniform red colour only formed in the XXth. century.
They put out an Irish terrier first on a dog-show it was in the 1870s. Two dogs appeared at this time, whom we are considering as ancestor and forefather. They were Eric Champion and Killiney Boy. At this time they had been cut their ears but a few years later it has been banned this.
In the 1880s his popularity of the kind grew so, that they kept it on record in England between the first 5 breeds. Its popularity got to also America soon, the American Breed Club was being established in 1896.

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