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GroomingThe Irish Terrier is a breed with sort of bony hair, its fur needs to be grooming several occasions a year. Grooming means its defunct hair removing. The dog – beautician does it with appropriate set of tools. It is forbidden to cut the Irish Terrier's fur! Although this is quicker stunt, than the grooming but shearing happening only once could cause countless harm to its fur's quality and character. He / she could loses his / her bony character and resistance to weather, and it could become soft, curling and light coloured!

P1140641The show-dog gets on the dog-beautician's table quite like every week and its fur is grooming continuously. With the hobbydogs it could depart from it. Their fur needs to be groom only 2- 4 times a year but we like the “all short style” wich shows beautifully the dog's body shape, figure, musculation then we could see our dog-beautician each month or each second months.
As a home nursing there are not many agenda with her. Being a bearded breed its useful to wipe its beard with a soft rag after feeding. Besides we should scour its pelage extensively with appropriate brush. It has already been different kind of buyable brushes for terriers also!
Who however would like that his / her Irish Terrier looks gorgeous and well-combed and attracts people's look, do not forget to put the beard and eyebrow straigt before the walk. Totally enough for this only one move with the brush and we can go already.
If your Irish Terrier is groomed regularly you don't need to worry about that your doggy drops a lot of hair away!
That breed doesn't require bathing his hair is also becoming tender for a while from it.In so far as it is must-have, you could do it, but no more frequently, as yearly 2 occasions! Dryshampoos in a way of spray or powder are buyable which are able to clear and deodorant at the same time, they do not make the fur soft and their use is also quicker and simpler
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