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Dr. Csilla Partali  vet,and Csaba Oláh professional hunter welcome you on the website of the ,,Of The Hunterriers” Irish terrier kennel

You probably take interest in the breed, perhaps you have been a happy member of the Irish terrier owners club already. In the followings you could not only know about the Hunterrier kennel but you're going to find lots of pieces of information about the history of the breed, character, practicability, keeping of them, devotad care, to conclude about everything with the Irish Terrier.

About our kennel

otthon_2Home of our kennel is the Hounting Loudge in Koldusszállás, which is in the Gerecse (mountain), next to Tatabánya. Csaba is a professional hunter of the Vértesi Erdő Zrt., that's why we could be in this priviliged situation that we can live in the deep forest with a lot of annimals in calm and silence. On our little farm we are keeping horses, sheep, geese and cats too.

Csilla works in her own surgery as a vet where next to the orderer ther is a pet-shop, a pension and a dog beauty parlor is also functioning.
Since our childhood we have been both committed to dogs , irrespective of different kind of breeds we admire and require the relationship with the DOG. We admire its loyality, unselfish love, all-ronder personality. Currently we have got 3 rrish  Terriers and a Hannover Bloodhound, they count as all flesh and blood. Our red devil first came to us in 2005, Kefe, she is fascinated us immediately with his character and her love. In 2007 our family have got bigger with a new irish, Parázs. He is a half-brother of Kefe and he surely was worthy of his name..
A great many people have already engrossed diversely, who at simpler one, who at more poetic one, but its message is common:

Whom the Irish Terrier has once touched already, takes him/her enslave hearts and he/she would not like to live further without an Irish Terrier!

We are wishing you a joyful and pleasant ramble in the word of the Irish Terriers with this short introduction!
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